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PEDAL SET I ToneX Essential DI
  • PEDAL SET I ToneX Essential DI

    We're starting with something new into a new year. Our first pedal capture release. It is the first in a series to be released in the next weeks.


    In this set we incorporated the pedals that we have used most often with our releases in the past 2 years and these are among the most desirable pedals out there.


    These DI aptures are based on the following pedals:


    Marshall Bluesbreaker MKI (vintage original)

    ProCo Whiteface RAT (vintage original)

    Kingsley Page TS

    Klon Centaur clone (AION based)

    Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808

    Ramble FX Twin Bender

    Dunlop Octavio


    Included are also pedal platform captures of a Two-Rock CRS, Marshall JTM50 and Matchless Phoenix to give you a good base for covering the Marshall/Fender/VOX type voicings for and to give you a starting point.


    DISCLAIMER: My last intent is to sound arrogant, but i want to state this clearly - these pedal captures are done the way i use and set up pedals with amps and for the best results with these particular captures i would recommend to approach the whole thing as follows.


    I always dial in the pedals at 80-100% tone in order to not squash the tone and dynamic range at the beginning of the chain, to keep the tone and response alive. I rather use the amp as the next filtering stage and set it on the dark side to smooth out the edges of the pedal.


    Therefore the included amp captures might not knock your socks off on their own, but they are specifically intended to work well with pedals. Just as the pedal captures are intended to work best with amps set at the edge of breakup and set on the dark side of things.


    In the digital realm you have lots of ways how to further tailor the pedal captures and their interaction with the amp stage. In the case of ToneX there is the wonderful and extremely versatile EQ section that allows you to do a lot of things with the core tone of the pedals and amps.


    Further it is very important to adjust the levels and gains between the pedals and the amp captures to attain best results. I recommend going by your ear for this, as there is no way to retain a 1:1 ratio of the pedal / amp interactions due to varying levels, etc.


    The use cases i can imagine for this with ToneX are as follows: 2 ToneX instances in your DAW, one running the pedal, the other the amp; ToneX pedal in front of your DAW, 2 ToneX pedals, Amplitube preset with 2 ToneX slots, ToneX pedal in front of real amp or other modeler.


      - captures of 7 vintage and modern pedals

    • Return & Refund Policy

      As this is a digital product and there is no way to retreive the product after the sale, we issue no refunds on the captures sets, packs or bundles. We do however do our best to convey a good representation of the  captures.

    • Tone Model Import

      After downloading the Tone Model set to your computer, the Tone Models can be imported from within ToneX:

      Select the Presets Tab, right-click on any preset in the list and select "import". Select the presets you want to import. 

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