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ORNG RV100 NAM Essential DI
  • ORNG RV100 NAM Essential DI

    The modern ORNG sound is renown for its darker gain tones that are used in a lot of heavy genres and can be used to get some massive, full tones. While these amps are used widely for Doom sounds, they are far more versatile to put them in that box. 


    It does really nice clean and crunch tones on the clean channel and the drive channel will churn out those big, chunky, thick chords and full lead sounds without a hickup. 


    There's a good reason these amps are among the 15 most popular amps on Equipboard and among some of the best sellers all around the world in the guitar amp category. 


    Tracked through a Vintage ORNG 4X12 cab with V30 speakers and a 1968 MRSH 1960A with G12M75Hz Greenbacks featuring Pulsonic cones.


    The set includes 20 DI captures and 2 cabinet IR's. Please refer to the table with all included captures and settings in the product picture section.


      - 100W Output
      - 4 X EL34
      - 4 X 12AX7
      - 2 X 12AT7
      - Solid state rectifier

    • Return & Refund Policy

      As this is a digital product and there is no way to retreive the product after the sale, we issue no refunds on the captures sets, packs or bundles. We do however do our best to convey a good representation of the  captures.

    • Delivery of Captures

      With the purchase you will receive a dwonload link to a ZIP file that contains the NAM models (*.nam extension) which can be simply loaded in the NAM plugin.

      The included IR's can be also loaded into the NAM plugin, these contain the cabinet simulation and are needed to acquire the intended sound. Of ocurse any other 3rd party IR's can be used instead.

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