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MRSH JT45 1966 ToneX Expansion DI
  • MRSH JT45 1966 ToneX Expansion DI

    Core DI sets contain the main tones (bright, balanced and warm EQ settings) for the particular amp. 
    Expansion DI set contains additional tones (thin, fat and scooped EQ settings).

    Core DI sets contain close mic'd IR cabs, Expansion DI sets contain "amp-in-a-room" IR cabs that need an external IR loader for the full 1-2 second length of the files. The "amp-in-a-room" IR's are meant to bixed in with the close mic'd cabs for extremely realistic room sounds.


    The MRSH JT45 1966 capture set strives to recreate the tones of the amp model that started the whole Marshall line and made it the standard for Rock and Blues in the 60's - an original Marshall JTM45 from 1966 with Drake 8K primary Output Transformer, NOS GEC KT66, NOS Mullard 12AX7 tubes and Mullard GZ34 rectifier.


    We were fortunate enough to acquire an extremely rare original early JTM50 (still featuring the JTM45 style chassis and faceplate) with the GZ34 rectifier. As the schematics of both amps are literally identical, including the filter cap values and configuration, it was a big surprize how different these two amps sound.


    The JTM45 is definitely a big step closer to it's 5F6A lineage - it has a more even, and open response, sparklier cleans, deeper extending bass response. The JTM50 has a narrower Frequency response, which makes it more mids focused, it has less sparkle and a tighter bass. The JTM50 Drake Output transformer and the introduction of the EL34 is the quintessential step into the iconic Marshall sound, while the JTM45 is like a first step between the 5F6A and the EL34 based Marshall line. 


    It is ideal for full bluesy tones. It is the famous Beano amp played by Eric Clapton, it was one of the amps used by AC/DC in their early days (e.g. Ballbreaker) and Pete Townshend was among the first users and even initiators of the design.


    But before it gets to some of the most beautiful crunch tones ever, it also has some of the most beautiful cleans of any British or American amp.  If you ever wondered what the term "complex cleans" means - this is it.


    The Expansion DI Tone Model set contains 32 DI Tone Models (see table with details under product pictures) and 3 IR cabinet files.


      - 2xKT66
      - 3x12AX7
      - 1x GZ34
      - Fixed bias
      - Negative feedback loop
      - 35W output

    • Return & Refund Policy

      As this is a digital product and there is no way to retreive the product after the sale, we issue no refunds on the captures sets, packs or bundles. We do however do our best to convey a good representation of the  captures.

    • Tone Model Import

      After downloading the Tone Model set to your computer, the Tone Models can be imported from within ToneX:

      Select the Presets Tab, right-click on any preset in the list and select "import". Select the presets you want to import. 

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