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FNDR BFSR 1965 Kemper Essential
  • FNDR BFSR 1965 Kemper Essential

    This 50W class AB 6L6 based circuit is the amp that has defined what is most associated with "american tone". It is best known for its legendary sparkly and slightly scooped tone, which is instantly recognizable and also works really well with pedals. It gets a nice break-up without the help of pedals and it sounds brighter and a bit scooped compared to the "british tone" camp. 


    This particular unit is almost 100% original with the exception that 2 of the power supply filtering caps have been replaced. The previous owner had rehoused it into a head, which makes it all the more practical for us. 


    It has been used by an endless list of artists, some notable names of which would be: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mike Bloomfied, BB King, Muddy Waters, Robben Ford, Philip Sayce, Dereck Trucks, Ronnie Earl.


    The pofile set features profiles of the Vibrato and Normal channel. The vibrato channel has a mid control and an additional gain stage due to the reverb recovery stage and the normal channel is bigger/fatter sounding. 


    Please refer to the full list of profiles included in the set in the product picture section.


      - 2x 6L6
      - 1x 12AX7
      - 2x 12AT7
      - 3x 7025
      - 1x GZ34
      - Fixed bias
      - Negative Feedback Loop
      - Tube rectifier
      - 50W output

    • Return & Refund Policy

      As this is a digital product and there is no way to retreive the product after the sale, we issue no refunds on the captures sets, packs or bundles. We do however do our best to convey a good representation of the  captures.

    • Importing Profiles

      After downloading the Profile set to your computer, the profiles can be imported to Kemper through the Rig Manager - just drag & drop them to "My Profiler".

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