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FMAN SM50 2021 DI + IR

FMAN SM50 2021 DI + IR

There is an endless abundance of hot rodded MRSH style amps out there, but very few gather as much attention as the amps built by FMAN. The SM50 is a 50W class AB lead circuit with some tweaks and via a cascaded gain stage the user has access to a 2nd channel, which features enough gain for hard rock and searing solos without any pedals in front. 


It is a very versatile and musical amp, which particularily shines in the drive department, but also has quite nice cleans. It goes from classic MRSH tones all the way to Van Halen style carnage without any additional helpers. 


This DI capture set includes 36 DI captures of Channel I (Plexi) and Channel II (Hot rodded Plexi).  Also included are 3 IR's of a vintage Marshall 4x12 Basketweave cab with G12M25 75Hz Pulsonic coned speakers that suit this amp beautifully.


    - 2xEL34
    - 3x12AX7
    - Channel I / Channel II
    - Fixed Bias
    - Negative Feedback Loop
    - SS rectifier
    - 50W output

  • Return & Refund Policy

    As this is a digital product and there is no way to retreive the product after the sale, we issue no refunds on the captures sets, packs or bundles. We do however do our best to convey a good representation of the  captures.

  • Receiving the Captures

    During checkout form our store please enter your Cortex Cloud user ID in the corresponding field and follow us on the Cortex Cloud. Our User ID is amalgamaudio. When we follow you back, we are in the "Friend" status and the acquired captures can be shared with you.
    As this is a manual process, please understand that depending on your time zone and other factors, it could take up to 24 hours to receive the captures, although we do our best to deliver them as soon as possible. 

    For more info and a detailed step-by-step instruction on receiving and loading your purchased captures, please refer to our info page.

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