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amalgam audio Element Cu NAM Essential DI
  • amalgam audio Element Cu NAM Essential DI

    Amalgam audio started out as a hardware company and this is the prototype amp we built around our vintage 1964 VX TB30 amp. 


    We started out by cloning and dialing it in to a point where they sounded virtually indistinguishable. From there we carefully tweaked the Power Transformer, Output trasnformer, Choke, Filtering and rectifier, we added a mid control (which is low hanging fruit in these circuits, as there is a fixed resistor instead of what the mids pot would be in the typical FMV tone stack), which is extremely useful and allows to dial out a bit of the high mids that are a bit too much in this type of circuit for some applications.


    This amp is our version within the popular genre of "the best TB30 style amp (n)ever built". The end result is a tone very reminescent of our 1964 original copper panel, but with a bit more punch and a stronger bass. It takes pedals better and is way more versatile thanks to the simple addition of the mids control. The tones sit firmly within the V30 tradition mixed in with some character of its own. 


    It is a glorious tone from clean, to edge of breakup and all the way to proper crunch tones. It can be chimey or full and bold, takes pedals like a charm and even features a tweaked Normal channel that will be fantastic for Brian May style tones. 


    Due to COVID, we had to dump the project, as all of our supply chains broke down and this set us back to square one. The good news is - it gets to live on virtually as a release for ToneX, Quad Cortex and NAM.


    The amp was captured through our 1964 VX 2x12 with original Silver Alnicos in pristine condition. 


    The set includes 18 AMP+CAB captures ranging from clean to lead gain levels and featuring various EQ settings per gain level. Please refer to the full list of captures in the product pictures. 


      - 4xEL84
      - 3x12AX7
      - GZ34 rectifier
      - Cathode bias
      - 30W output

    • Return & Refund Policy

      As this is a digital product and there is no way to retreive the product after the sale, we issue no refunds on the captures sets, packs or bundles. We do however do our best to convey a good representation of the  captures.

    • Delivery of captures

      With the purchase you will receive a dwonload link to a ZIP file that contains the NAM models (*.nam extension) which can be simply loaded in the NAM plugin.

      The included IR's can be also loaded into the NAM plugin, these contain the cabinet simulation and are needed to acquire the intended sound. Of ocurse any other 3rd party IR's can be used instead.

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